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Much more than an urban space,
the city of Horta is the harmony of human elements and the natural environment

With this guided tour you’ll get to know the intense and complex history of the island of Faial, influenced mainly by Europe and North America. This heritage is very present and well preserved in the city, which has, in particular, thousands of colorful paintings by the crew of the more than 1,200 ships that dock here every year.

But the city of Horta has so much to tell:

Discovery in the 30s of the 15th century

First Portuguese and Flemish settlers

Becomes a town at the end of the 15th century

Due to its geographical position and the prominence of its bay, it began to stand out in the archipelago

Consolidation of the urban fabric and building of churches and convents during the 16th century

Growth of maritime traffic generated by the Orange Age

Influences of whaling on the city’s architecture

The town of Horta was elevated to city status in 1833

A century of the Dabney family

1893 saw the installation of the first submarine telegraph cable, making Horta one of the world’s communications centers

Horta Bay was used as a mandatory stop on transatlantic seaplane journeys

An iconic stopping point for recreational sailors and beyond…

Join this journey through time from the 15th century to the present day!

Book your cultural tour of Horta with ENDEMIC and learn much
more about the island’s history as told through the city’s streets.

Transport with pick up and drop off at your accommodation or at a point to be agreed in the city of Horta, including the ferry terminal. We can also pick you up and drop you off at Faial airport (this may change the price of the tour). For an additional fee, or on private tours, it is also possible to pick up and drop off anywhere on the island of Faial.

Guided tour by a marine biologist and/or certified guide from the Faial Natural Park.

Offer of a small local sweet to savour during the tour.


1pax: 55€
2-3pax: 35€ per person
4-5 pax: 30€ per person
For 6 or more pax, or for private tours, contact us


2 h

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