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An experience to heighten the senses

Located at the upper limit for some seabird species, the Azores archipelago is undoubtedly an important resting or nesting place for several migratory birds. Of these, Cory’s shearwater is the most emblematic seabird of the Azores, as 80% of its worldwide population nests on these islands:

A migratory species that crosses the equator twice a year.

A superb flyer even in big storms and an excellent diver, up to 15m deep.

An important element in fishing for the valuable tuna, as it helps the fisherman find the shoals.

With Endemic Azores you can embark on a nocturnal trip to one of their colonies where we’ll give it a try:

Listen to the shrill sounds of these birds as soon as the sun goes down.

Learn to identify females from males through their sounds.

Watch them resting at the foot of their nests.

Transport with pick up and drop off at your accommodation or at a point to be agreed in the city of Horta, including the ferry terminal. We can also pick you up and drop you off at Faial airport (this may change the price of the tour). For an additional fee, or on private tours, it is also possible to pick up and drop off anywhere on the island of Faial.

Guided tour by a marine biologist and/or certified guide from the Faial Natural Park.

Red light to watch the birds without disturbing them.


1pax: 60€
2-3pax: 40€ per person
4-5 pax: 35€ per person
For 6 or more pax, or for private tours, contact us


2 h

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