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    Endemic adventures that will stay in your memory

    Endemism usually refers to a species that only lives in a specific place, geographical region, or type of habitat, making it unique. Inspired by this concept, we provide a differentiated service that is compatible with the different interests of those who visit us, making this a unique experience that you’ve never had before.

    Small groups, up to 8 people, or in private

    Our work ethic advocates activities with small groups but at affordable prices. We believe this is the only way to show the true atmosphere of the Azores. This way we can be flexible with our itinerary, stop longer at the places of greatest interest to the group and thus provide the best possible service, a personalised service.
    For an extra fee, we also organise private activities.

    Guides trained in biology and/or Faial Natural Park guides

    With ENDEMIC you’ll always find guides with in-depth knowledge of the most diverse subjects the island is made of. We love being asked questions, squeezing out, and passing on all the information we have on the subject. From the most banal to the most scientific, our tours are based on sharing knowledge so that, at the end of the day, we’re all left with greater wisdom.

    Tours adapted to the points of interest of our travelers

    As travellers, we appreciate circuits that avoid the places and/or times of greatest tourist concentration. We know that one of the most important values when travelling is to feel the daily life of the destination and to have a clear idea of what’s going on around us. We will give you this “vision”, adapted to your points of interest, which will make all the difference between a good tour and an unforgettable one.